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Precision Manufacturing

At Roocan Manufacturing we specialize in the design and fabrication of custom prototypes and precision machinery for commercial and residential projects.   Our services are: Engineering & CAD, Machining, Millwright & Industrial Mechanic, and Welding & Metal Fabrication.


Western Canada

Our home base is Revelstoke, British Columbia nestled in the mountains between Calgary and Vancouver.  We serve all of Canada with a focus on the west coast, specifically British Columbia and Alberta.  View our location.


The Right Tools

With years of professional experience designing and building custom projects with complete success we have learned the imporance of attention to details.  Our customer keep coming back because they know our work is our pride.


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Company History

Started in 2001 in Calgary, Alberta our patented steam heaters and pest management systems grew our company and later we focused on machine design, development and engineering as our customers requested our expertise in these areas. After 14 years in Alberta Roocan moved to Revelstoke B.C. and continues to service our Alberta based customers as well as our new B.C. customers.

Our Facilities

Roocan’s new shop is located in the heart of Revelstoke, British Columbia’s industrial park on Powerhouse Road.

In the summer of 2015 Roocan moved to a newly developed 2500sq ft building with a new overhead crane system and a 4’ shear and brake. Our shop also consists of a lathe, milling machine, vertical and horizontal saws, 50 ton press, and TIG, MIG, Stick welding machines. Plasma and cutting machines round out our metal tooling machines.

Portable equipment includes a flat deck 10K lb trailer, enclosed cargo trailer, magnetic drill, hilti drill, and the future will include a line boring machine and tube bender. Portable welding is available upon request with sufficient notice. Now have 5 foot rollers, hydraulic tube bender, portable welding and portable air compressor.

Custom project in mind?

We can help bring your mission critical custom project online, design and build the centerpiece to your home. Send us a message!

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Tools of the Trade

  • Overhead Crane System – We’ve outfitted our shop with an overhead crane system for safe and efficient movement of heavy materials and equipment within the facility.  Overhead cranes can lift and move heavy loads that would be difficult or impossible to move manually, reducing the risk of injury to workers and increasing productivity.
  • 4’ Shear & Brake – Used to cut and bend sheet metal and other materials to precise dimensions. The shear is used to cut the material, while the brake is used to bend it into the desired shape. Brake is 6 foot and rollers are 5 foot
  • Lathe – Allows for the creation of precise and complex shapes in custom metal workpieces and prototypes. For example, a lathe can be used to create threaded parts such as bolts and screws, which are essential components in many machines and products we build for customer projects.
  • Milling Machine – To create blocks, gears, brackets and other precision parts required to build custom projects. This quote emphasizes the idea that a sculptor must remove all the excess material to reveal the essence of the subject.
    Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Millchelangelo
  • Vertical and Horizontal Saws – Vertical are deal for cutting large sheets of material, while horizontal saws we use to cut solid blocks and bars in the construction of our clients custom projects. Both types of saws are highly versatile and are put to good use in a wide range of cutting applications, making them indispensable tools in our workshop.
  • 50-ton Press – When the pressure is on… we’re in the zone.  Having the right tools is paramount. Our press is used for bending and shaping sheet metal, as well as for punching holes and slots in metal plates.
  • TIG, MIG, Stick Welding – TIG welding is used for precise, high-quality welds on thin materials, MIG welding is ideal for fast, efficient welding of thicker materials, and Stick welding is a versatile process that can be used on a wide range of materials and thicknesses. Each process has its strengths and is used in different applications depending on the specific needs of the project. On-site welding is an available option, please call for details)
  • Plasma and cutting machines – Used to cut through thick metal quickly and accurately, using a high-velocity jet of ionized gas. Cutting machines use a variety of techniques, including laser, waterjet, and plasma, to cut metal into precise shapes and sizes. These machines are essential for creating custom metal parts and components in a fabrication shop.
  • Portable Equipment
  • Mobile Welding (upon request)
  • 10K lb Flat Deck Trailer
  • Enclosed cargo trailer
  • Magnetic Drill
  • Hilti Drill
  • Line Boring Machine
  • Tube Bender
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