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At Roocan, our engineering and CAD design services achieve perfection through a meticulous process honed over decades. Our skilled engineers collaborate closely with clients to understand requirements and objectives. We employ advanced CAD software to create detailed and accurate digital prototypes. Iterative design refinement considers feasibility, functionality, and manufacturability. Rigorous simulations and analyses ensure performance optimization. Prototyping and testing validate designs before production. Regular communication and client feedback guide our process, ensuring alignment with expectations. Our commitment to precision, innovation, and continuous improvement guarantees that each project is executed flawlessly, resulting in designs that embody excellence and meet the highest standards.


The CAD Process

Engineering and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) involve various knowledge domains. Engineering encompasses disciplines like mechanical, electrical, and civil, focusing on problem-solving, analysis, and design principles. CAD, a subset of engineering, employs specialized software for creating detailed digital models of products or systems.

Bringing an idea to fruition starts with conceptualization and research. Engineers define project goals, then design and iterate in CAD, incorporating dimensions, materials, and functionality. Once satisfied, the CAD model is refined, considering manufacturing constraints. Engineers analyze the design using simulations and calculations. The final design undergoes prototyping and testing, refining it based on results. Manufacturing processes are chosen, and the CAD model is shared with production teams.

Examples of CAD-driven projects span industries: in aerospace, engineers design aircraft components; in architecture, CAD models create detailed building plans; in electronics, PCB layouts are designed; in automotive, parts are prototyped virtually before production. Engineering and CAD combine to translate concepts into tangible products, optimizing functionality, efficiency, and innovation.

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